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"Memorial to Friends of the Arts – Gone Before Us,"

"Memorial to Friends of the Arts -- Gone Before Us"

Selected Paintings and Drawings by Henry Cade, Jr.

Exhibited in Columbus State's Library

Columbus Hall, 1st and 2nd floors

February through March 17, 2020

Henry Cade, Jr., Artist

Henry Cade, Jr., Artist

I was born in 1947, in Selma, Alabama.  My grandmother, who was a mid-wife and quilt-maker, raised me and had a big impact over my art. Under her guidance and with her support, I recorded my community in pencil.

I moved to Columbus, Ohio in 1963 and graduated from East High School in 1965.  I joined the Army in 1966 and fought in Viet Nam.  While in the military I attended Washington School of Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the U.S. Army Art School at Ft. Meade, Maryland.  I attended Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) and Ohio Dominican University.

I have exhibited at Art for Community Expression, Herndon House Gallery in Westerville, Ohio, Franklin University, Ohio Dominican University, and Columbus State Community College, and many community art festivals.

This exhibit is a memorial to friends of the arts who are no longer with us and who [were] a great influence in who I am as an artist today: Kojo Kamau, Mrs. Ursel White Lewis, Joseph V. Canzani, Aminah Robinson, Roman Johnson, Elijah Pierce, Denny Griffith, and Barbara Chavous.

Contact the artist, Henry Cade, Jr.

CADE Art Studio
1444 Walshire Dr. N.
Columbus, Ohio 43232
Phone: 614-759-4099


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