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Paul Rehg

Paul Rehg

Academia Nuts: Select Cartoons, 1992-2012

Exhibition on the 1st and 2nd floors of Columbus State's Library, April 2018

Paul Rehg - Academia Nuts Cartoons: Select Cartoons, 1992-2012

Paul Regh

Academia Nuts: Select Cartoons, 1992-2012

Dear Columbus State family, I hope you enjoy this selection of Academia Nuts cartoons.  I feel enormously privileged to have had the opportunity to create these for the college.

After doing caricature and pen-and-ink illustrations for Columbus State’s former newsletter, The Associate, my work evolved into a monthly editorial-style cartoon that ran in each print edition of Update newsletter, beginning in 1998.  The cartoon continued to run in the electronic issues of Update until 2012.

Initially, the theme of the cartoon was technology.  But, after a year of that, I decided to make it about the world of higher education; hence the name Academia Nuts.  Every cartoon was reviewed before publication by the long-time editor of Update, Suzanne May.

They are all done in brush and ink with wash on illustration board.  Most of these can be purchased, with the proceeds given to the college’s scholarship fund.  The smaller ones are priced at $150.00, and the larger at $250.00.  If you are interested, please send me your request by email at

Exhibit Schedule for 2018

Who's scheduled to exhibit art in the library 2018:

January - Hillary Jones - Dreamscapes
February - Vivian Pitman - One Person's Trash is Another Person's Treasure
March - Lynne Prillerman - Looking Through the Lens of Lynne
April - Paul Rehg - Academic Nuts Cartoons
May - OPEN
June - Mark Fohl
July - Tasneem Shalash
August - Wilfredo Calvo Bono
September- William C. Hemming - Oils & Watercolors
October - Cecilia Roman
November - Nelson Reinhardt
December - OPEN

April 2018 Exhibit of Selected Cartoons by Paul Regh

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