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I have always been drawn to the beauty of Trees.

I have climbed its branches to capture the viewpoints of birds, studied the symmetry of clouds, and escaped in play and not be found.  I have met the change of seasons through the branches of a special tree.  Its rustling leaves, seemingly timed to melodic flow of winds, captured my imagination. I always hoped for its renewal as I yearned for Spring's rebirth.

I planted a tree thirty-five years ago in celebration of our first home.  I trimmed its branches, cut its limbs and raked its leaves.  Today it is raining, a gentle rain replenishing the summer's August dryness.   Against the gray sky, this majestic tree stands steadfast in time.  although the trunk has become scarred and twisted, its limbs are crowned in regal jewel tones of verdant leaves.

This tree has spurred emotions.  I sigh in relief appreciating its shade on a hot summer's day.  I feel anger and pity when limbs are lost in violent storms.  I laugh when I notice the tree shape is beginning to look like me.

These reflective interpretations of trees have inspired this exhibition.  Are they landscapes or are they portraits?  Their vertical presence and resilience speaks of life's knowledge, enlightenment, ancestry, and celebration.

"Trees are the pathway to creative expression and imagination."  Enjoy!

Cecilia Román, Artist


Cecilia Roman's Trees Exhibit

Artist Exhibiting September,2014 - Cecilia Roman's Trees

Cecilia Román is formally trained in the field of audio visual communications.

Her artistic vision has evolved over twenty years to include oil paintings focusing upon abstraction.  Her impressions are recognizable but not literal.

Her style incorporates the valuable mentoring of community artists.

"This exhibition serves as a catalyst to explore the arts and to use its methods to communicate, create, and react to our surroundings."

Cecilia Román

Gallery - 2950 E. Main St.

Columbus, OH  43209

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