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July's Exhibit



Exhibition -- July 2017
Columbus State Library

W.C. Hemming standing in front of "Homage to Chuck Berry" on Columbus State Library's 2nd floor.
Photographer: Nathan Gjerstad, 2017

William C. Hemming's Artist Statement

What do you see in my art? My art is a tapestry of dreamscapes of images stored in the vault of my mind from youth and over the years.  When I was young I was very inward as a child and an outsider looking in.

I was very poor but liked to read.  The fiction took me to strange lands, strange worlds, and gave me an appreciation of history.  In reading history I found heroes and villains.  It taught me to respect icons of heroic ages. Through history I saw great triumphs and conquests and mistakes and failures.  The important thing is that I saw images of different cultures.  It gave me an appreciation of different societies.

When I was small there was nothing more fun than reading Science Fiction where James Blish or Ray Bradbury or Robert Heinlein would create unknown worlds where the green bug-eyed monsters filled you with danger and dread.

Images of advanced technological futures and missions to the stars and beyond.  Later, when I read the grim, dark dystopian futures of Orwell, Huxley, and J.G. Ballard the future didn't appear so rose-colored.  I was prepared for no Utopian future.

My art is to set down in vibrant, shocking, vivid colors what has piled up in my brain for years.  To express as best I can with paint icons, heroes, villains, and scenes of life people can relate to.  I paint what I see and where I have been and places I'd like to be and people I'd like to know and people or creatures I'd stay away from.  I love the beauty of nature and women.  I enjoy the infinite variety of human emotion and expression.  I paint my moods from comic to grim.  I am an artist that takes down his time and the age he lives in.  An artist has a duty to record his age.  I take down seventy years of images in my mind and release them a little bit at a time to canvas.

W.C. HEMMING, artist b. 1946 --


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