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Cecilia Roman


This exhibition portrays experiences, emotions and vistas that capture the reactive moments of being speechless - spell bound.

These wonders have startled, inspired and amazed me to utter exclamatory mono-syllabic spoken whispers.

Yes, these kaleidoscopic, brain-freeze magic moments emote an awareness of being beyond or of being smaller in the grand scheme of life.

Gaze the landscape of "Cascade" awed by its vastness and deafening volume of its waters.

Partake in the awe-calming, glowing fires of autumn's colors in "Vineyard."

Be awe-shaken by the unexpected "Panic" in its powerful language of composition and color.

Awe-present is a herd of sheep grazing the barren silent landscape of life.

Awestruck is the experience of viewing "Midsummer Night's Dream" in 3D.

Awe-inspiring is the serene setting of reference in the "Nativity."

I have realized that we learn from people and places only what we ourselves carry in our soul.
A W E S O M E.


Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
Cecilia Román


Exhibit Schedule for 2015

January - Marvin Taylor - Paintings and Car Models
February - Kimberly Colleen Rhyan -- Widening the Solstice of the Soul
March through April - Cecilia Román - Abstract Realism - Paintings
May - Vivian Pitman and Barbara Thomas - Women of Purpose: Paintings and Dolls
June - William C. Hemming - Acrylic Paints
July - Mark Fohl - Photography - New York City, Color Photos
August - Mark Fohl - Photography from Travels, B/W
November - Wilfred Calvo-Bono - The Sad, the Bad and the Ugly

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December - Cecilia Román - Awe


Exhibit Schedule for 2016

January - No Artist Exhibit - Thurgood Marshall Exhibit Through February 29, 2016
February - Vivian Pitman
March - Judith Beckman (Humanities Dept.)
April - Rocco Di Pietro (Humanities Dept.)
May - William C. Hemming
June - Richard Wood
July - Paul Wilbur
August - Suzanne Gallagher
September - Cecilia Román
October - Jerrilyn Heine (Disability Services Interpreter)
November - Gene Strickland (Digital Photography, Assoc. Professor)
December - Wilfred Calvo-Bono

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