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W. C. Hemming - Acrylic Paintings

W. C. Hemming, Paintings

August 2019

Columbus State's Library, 1st & 2nd floors

Poster for W. C. Hemming, Artiste


For more information about this artist and to see past exhibits he's had here, please search our Gallery Exhibit Archives guide since 2012. W. C. Hemming exhibited June 2012, April/May 2013, June 2015, May/June 2016, July 2017, and September 2018.

We are saddened to learn that William C. Hemming passed away December 5, 2019 and send our condolences to his lovely wife Soon Ja. An obituary for William C. Hemming can be read in the December 11th issue of The Columbus Dispatch, page 5B.

William Hemming, October 10, 1946 - December 5, 2019


Exhibit Schedule for 2019

Who's scheduled to exhibit art in the library 2019:

January  - OPEN
Mid - February through March - Steven Riggs - "Oils, Graphite, & Portraits"
April - Vern Lewis - "Appropriating Nature, Religion and Surrealism"
May - Philip Sarsany - "The Quest: A Journey of Discovery Through Textiles"
June - "Colorful Columbus: Mark Fohl and the Westbridge Camera Club"
July - Michael A. Cooley: "Classical Drawings and Paintings"
August - W. C. Hemming - Acrylic Paintings
September -
October - Cecilia Roman
November - Sherlann Lewandowski - Mixed Digital Illustrations
December - Daryl Brown - Oils, Watercolors, and Drawings

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