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Five Pillars and Quantum EntanglementShe Sure Can Sing by Vern LewisTranquility by Vern Lewis

Appropriating Nature, Religion and Surrealism

Paintings by Vern Lewis

April 2019
Columbus State's Library
1st & 2nd Floors

Vernon Lewis, Artist

Vern Lewis - CSCC/CASA Accountant


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Using the "start with a broom, finish with a needle" painting technique, I am appropriating rudiments of nature and/or religious iconography in a surrealist manner. Robert Henri, of the Ashcan School, taught that painters should paint ideas. I strive to paint ideas. Ideas that consciously and unconsciously develop to reveal rolling, pattern-infused landscapes, spheres, figurative forms and movement. When starting work, my ideas are broad, vague and rarely fixed with determined visions, so paintings evolve by chance, usually conveying what is or is not working along the way.

All work is acrylic on canvas.

Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio (with deference to these mentors):

  • Cindy Tiedemann, B.F.A.
  • Annamary Bierley, M.F.A.
  • Curtis Barnes, Sr., B.S.

Some Favorites:

Nighttime toiling in uncertainty;
stumbling to pictures that pop
Painting worries to infinity;
maybe... not for naught.

Vern Lewis

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April - Vernon Lewis
May - OPEN
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