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Director Bruce Massis 614-287-5484 bmassis@cscc.edu
Assistant Director Tracy Kemp 614-287-5380 tkemp@cscc.edu
Director's Office Shona Nicol 614-287-2461 snicol2@cscc.edu
Reference Sharon Richter 614-287-2082 srichter1@cscc.edu
Circulation Vanessa Langhurst 614-287-2899 vlanghur@cscc.edu  
Acquisitions & Metadata Services Robin Buser 614-287-2469 rbuser@cscc.edu

Library Staff

Periodicals Desk

Sherlann Lewandowski  614-287-2467   



Lorien Anderson 614-287-2460 landerson62@cscc.edu
Daryl Brown 614-287-2460 dbrown@cscc.edu
Jennifer Casteen 614-287-2460 jcasteen@cscc.edu
Hydy Cates 614-287-5817 hcates1@cscc.edu
Sarah Fouts 614-287-2460 sfouts@cscc.edu
Donna Fuller 614-287-2460 dfuller6@cscc.edu
Lindsey Gibson 740-203-8183 lgibson11@cscc.edu
Wendy Harper 614-287-5287 wharper2@cscc.edu
Kristine Kinzer 740-203-8183 kkinzer3@cscc.edu
Gretchen Persohn 614-287-2460 gpersohn@cscc.edu
Nicole Rencher 614-287-2460 nrencher@cscc.edu
Sharon Richter 614-287-2082 srichter1@cscc.edu
Ryan Scott 614-287-5634 rscott17@cscc.edu
Ellen Seibert 614-287-2460 eseibert@cscc.edu
Kaylie Vermillion 614-287-2460 kvermillion4@cscc.edu

Acquisitions & Metadata Services

Robin Buser               614-287-2469 rbuser@cscc.edu          
Laurinda Gruber 614-287-2683


Victoria Miller 614-287-2462 vmiller28@cscc.edu

Multimedia Support

Nathan Gjerstad          614-287-2297 ngjerstad@cscc.edu
Hillary Jones 614-287-2472 hjones42@cscc.edu


Amanda Barrera              614-287-2465 abarrera@cscc.edu        
Julie Dulaney              614-287-2267 jdulaney@cscc.edu        
Alyssa Jennings 614-287-2465 ajennings19@cscc.edu
Vanessa Langhurst    614-287-2899 vlanghur@cscc.edu       
Augustine Lee   614-287-2465 alee@cscc.edu        
Kelsi Rakestraw 614-287-2465 krakestraw@cscc.edu      
Jocelyn Schartiger 614-287-2465 jschartiger@cscc.edu      

My Library Account

*For help with your library account, renewals, overdues, holds, or requests.

Columbus Campus Circulation Desk 614-287-2465
Delaware Campus Learning Center 740-203-8183

Reference & Research

*For assistance in locating sources, research questions, finding topics, using library databases, or accessing electronic resources.

Columbus Campus           Reference Desk 614-287-2460 refdesk@cscc.edu
Delaware Campus Learning Center 740-203-8183 refdesk@cscc.edu

Library Instruction

*To schedule a library instruction session for your class.

Columbus Campus       Sharon Richter 614-287-2082 srichter1@cscc.edu
Delaware Campus Kristine Kinzer 740-203-8183 kkinzer3@cscc.edu

Research Guides

*For questions about the creation of a research guide for your course or suggesting resources to add to an existing guide.

Sharon Richter 614-287-2082 srichter1@cscc.edu

Course Reserves

*For questions about placing books, models, study guides, or other items on course reserve for your students. [Reserve Request Form]

Vanessa Langhurst 614-287-2899 vlanghur@cscc.edu


*For questions about our print subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and scholarly journals.

Robin Buser         614-287-2469 rbuser@cscc.edu


*For questions about purchasing or our collection development guidelines.

Robin Buser         614-287-2469 rbuser@cscc.edu

Multimedia Support Services

*For questions about multimedia services, equipment, and video production.

Nathan Gjerstad       614-287-2297 ngjerstad@cscc.edu
Hillary Jones       614-287-2472 hjones42@cscc.edu

IT Support Services

*For questions about software, technical difficulties, or your Columbus State email account.

Columbus Campus TL 116 & Cyber Café 614-287-5050 helpdesk@cscc.edu
Delaware Campus Learning Center 740-203-8183 helpdesk@cscc.edu

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