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Cecilia Roman's Artist Statement

The Artist's Vision

What leads you along the path of life? A path that has been engraved with many of your footprints. Along the way, you have experienced joy;  you have experienced sadness. You have experienced loss; you have experienced wealth.

For some, you have walked along this path protected by an awning of beautiful trees. For others, your life swirls in a constant motion of multitask events creating  an ongoing cadence of limited time. Often, an habitual harried routine exhibits a self absorbed existence.  You blur through the path from its beginning to its end, not being aware of your surroundings.

Fortunately, the passing of time offers an escape. For me, a stroll along the path of the Paseo de la Princesa in Old San Juan, offered me a chance of change on the path. I found myself lost in happy familiarity. I was awed by the intensity of colors, shapes, and images.  

This promenade is a wonder of light and shadows created by a colonial wall and pulsating ocean.  In the midst of the path, you become transfixed and then transported by the winds and setting sun.  A place of mystery emerges, and you are suddenly greeted by the fountain “Raices”.  This bronze fountain celebrates Old San Juan, a city rich in cultural heritage and strong with deep roots in historical accomplishments. You become gripped with interest, enthusiasm, and longing for the past.

I was inspired by this setting. It radiates through me. This visual ostinato is a bridge between my heart and the heavens.  Whether my art is polished and elegant or rustic and provincial, it delivers expressions of abstract realism and emotes sentiments of the fervor, clarity, and intensity of my wonder on the path.

I will always strive to have my art impart my emotions.


Cecilia Román, Artist

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Phone: (614) 832-6464


Exhibit Schedule for 2015

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February - Kimberly Colleen Rhyan -- Widening the Solstice of the Soul
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March - Cecilia Román - Abstract Realism - Paintings
April - Shawn Lowe
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June - William Hemming - Acrylic Paintings
July - Mark Fohl - Photography
August - Briana Olsen
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October - Lori Trent and Tiffany McClair
November - Wilfred Calvo Bono
December - No Artist Scheduled

Cecilia Roman's Works in March Exhibit

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