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Amira Djafi's Art

Amira Djafi's Art 

Amira Djafi's Artist Bio

My name is Amira Rebeh Djafi, and I am a local artist based in Columbus Ohio; specifically in Delaware county. I am a mixed media artist, and I want to try as many mediums as I can. My motto is, if I can create with it, then I’m going to try! I find inspiration from all aspects of life. Aspects such as movies, history, and daydreams.  I’ve been creating since I was first able to clumsily grasp a pencil and connect the graphite to paper. It was in that moment that art became the core facet of my budding personality; eternally providing me a vessel for communication, self expression, and identity exploration. My art can be used to pinpoint certain key moments of my life, acting as both a timeline and time capsule. Tracing back to masterpieces created with Crayola washable markers, finger paint, and crayons. To Middle School days of manga inspired drawings, doodled in the margins of worksheets. Days filled with copic marker drawings created while listening to Panic At The Disco, Skillet, and Fall Out Boy. To the emotional draining years of High School; days often spent in tears, panic attacks, and depressive spirals. However, it was also in those days that I found happiness through art. It was in those years that I grew up, and I was able to explore myself by experimenting with various art mediums. It was at this time I discovered my love of chalk and oil pastels, copper enameling, metal working, resin, photography, and wheel thrown pottery. I truly came into my own, and found happiness with who I am. Our world is filled with endless muses, and instead of being overstimulated by the oversaturation of inspiration, I find myself forever motivated to create. My artistic process is very organic, because planning things out is very stressful for me; oftentimes, my process is to just go with the flow. The purpose of my art is to make people happy, or to just be a light in a world polluted with darkness. Art is one of my biggest sources of joy, and I want to hopefully make others feel the same marvelous joy I feel when I’m able to create. I do not know when I will die, for I know life is so short, and so I try to make the best of everyday; I don’t want to have any regrets, I want to live life to the fullest, and I hope that is reflected in my art.

Photos of Amira Djafi's Art

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