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Artist: Photographer Kojo Kamau
American, Born October 11, 1939 - Died December 13, 2016.

"Columbus Photographer Kojo Kamau Dies at Age 77" by Julia Oller and Ken Gordon.  The Columbus Dispatch, Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 7:15 p.m. 


"Photography Legend Kojo Kamau Passes Away" in the December 15, 2016 Columbus State Update.


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A Blog about Kojo Kamau

Ann Starr published this review in her blog "Starr Review" on February 19, 2012 and Jennifer Poleons blogs about Kojo Kamau at Columbus Museum of Arts website on August 15, 2012.

Articles About Kojo Kamau

Hambrick, Jennifer. "Columbus Caught on Film: Photographer Kojo Kamau's New Book Shows Us How the Cap City Used to Be." Short North Gazette. Aug. 2006. Web. 8 Dec. 2011.

A review of Kojo Kamau's book Columbus Remembered.


6 Dec. 2012 - Search the archives for The Columbus State Update - "Photographyer Kojo Kamau receives Raymond J. Hanley Fellowship from Columbus Arts Endowment."

Photographer Kojo Kamau receives Raymond J. Hanley Fellowship from Columbus Arts Endowment

 Columbus artist Kojo Kamau, who teaches as an adjunct faculty member in Digital Photography, will receive the $10,000 fellowship named in memory of former Greater Columbus Arts Council President Raymond J. Hanley. The award was announced this week by the GCAC and the Columbus Arts Endowment.

An anonymous panel of judges and the trustees of the Columbus Arts Endowment chose Kamau as the fourth recipient of the Raymond J. Hanley Fellowship, an award for an “individual artist who has demonstrated an unusual level of achievement while working for at least five years in the visual arts, performing arts, literary arts or any other arts discipline.”

Fellowship money is awarded to the recipient without restriction, so the artist can use it to further his or her career as needed. The fellowship is administered by GCAC and supported through the Hanley Arts Fund of the Columbus Arts Endowment, created upon Hanley’s death in 2006.

The award will be presented at a reception January 10 at the King Arts Complex. An exhibition of Kamau’s photographs will be shown in conjunction with the exhibition “African American Creative Genius with Impact” (January 10-March 2, 2013). A free public reception for the exhibition openings will take place January 10, 6:30-8 p.m. at the Elijah Pierce Gallery at the King Arts Complex.

Kamau, an acclaimed photographer and Columbus native has exhibited his photographs throughout the Midwest and has collected numerous awards. To celebrate Kamau’s 70th birthday in 2009, the Columbus Museum of Art presented Kojo: Fifty Years in Photography, a retrospective that included more than sixty photographs, both color and black and white, reflecting his five decades working in the medium. Kamau studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design, The Ohio State University and the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is a retired chief medical photographer at The Ohio State University and now teaches photography at Columbus State.

Source: from the Columbus State UPDATE, 6 December 2012. Web

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Kojo Kamau Published:

Elijah Pierce Poster with Photo by Kojo Kamau

EP Poster

Artist: Kojo Kamau
Origin: American, 20th Century
Title: “Elijah Pierce, March 5, 1892-May 7, 1984”
Description of work: Poster of Kojo’s photograph of Elijah Pierce in his barber shop in B/W and inscribed “To Mrs. Ursel White Lewis 1/13/90”. 19 ¾” c 25 ¾”
Date:  1990
Donor: Gift of Mrs. Ursel White Lewis

Works by Kojo Kamau

Kojo Kamau has photographed many well-known people and has donated four additional photographic portraits, each signed and dated on the mat:


Angelou Maya

Photograph of Maya Angelou by Kojo Kamau, 1993

2010 Martin Roland 

Photograph of Roland Martin by Kojo Kamau, 2010

2011 West Cornel 

Photograph of Cornel West by Kojo Kamau, 2011

2012 Dyson Michael 

Photograph of Michael E. Dyson by Kojo Kamau, 2012

Artist: Kojo Kamau
Origin: American, 20th Century
Titles: Inscribed on each mat
Description of 4 works: B/W photographs of Maya Angelou, 1993; Roland Martin, 2010; Cornel West, 2011; and Michael E. Dyson, 2012. Dates: 1993-2012
Donor: Gift of Kojo Kamau.

Artist: Kojo Kamau
Origin: American, 20th Century
Description of 6 works:  Black/White photos of Elijah Pierce and his studio - 18½ x 15½ each
Dates: 1974-1982
Donor: Gift of Kojo Kamau

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