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This Month's Artist - Wilfredo Calvo-Bono

October 2016 - Wilfredo Calvo-Bono - "Possibilities 2016" and "Hispanidad"

Source: Wilfredo Calvo-Bono, 2016.

This exhibit is in two parts --

  • " Possibilities 2016"includes several pieces by W. Calvo-Bono. 
  • "Hispanidad" includes a few works by three Hispanic artists from Spain and Mexico from Mr. Calvo-Bono's personal collection.


Wilfredo Calvo-Bono

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W. Calvo-Bono's Possibilities 2016

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Hispanidad - Vintage Works by J. Zurita, Alberto Cavazos, and Paco Romero

(Cultural Unit between Spain and Latin America)

For the celebration of Hispanidad, I have the pleasure to share my artist collection of Hispanic painters from Spain and Mexico.  

The work of these artists show the themes and techniques of the late 60's and early 70's.  Religious and social views, paint on paper with sand and prints with different themes [are displayed in these works].

All this work was executed during the Viet Nam War, the Hippies were savoring Mushrooms and Free Love and we were landing on the Moon.

View the work of artists J. Zurita, Alberto Cavazos, and Paco Romero in the Prezi below.


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