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Exhibit Schedule for 2023

Art Exhibit Schedule for 2023

January: Professor Timothy Davis, Rare Coins

February: Professor Timothy Davis, Rare Coins

March: Professor Timothy Davis, Rare Coins 2nd & 3rd, Jasmine Wooten, Women's Herstory Month 1st

April: Professor Timothy Davis, Rare Coin Collection

May: Peter Morgan's Art Students

June: Peter Morgan's Art Students

July: Peter Morgan's Art Students

August: Jade Nelson's Art 1st & 3rd Floor

September: Art Possible Ohio

October: Sarah Pagliaro's Art 2nd & 3rd Floor

November: Ash Thomas's Art 2nd & 3rd Floor

December: Peter Morgan's Student Art

Current Art in the Library

Art Possible Ohio Presents: Accessible Expressions

Accessible Expressions Art Photos

Exhibit Archives

See art and artist information from previous exhibits in the Gallery Exhibit Archives.

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