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Photographs from Columbus and Dresden

Photographs from Columbus and Dresden

June 2018 Exhibition

Columbus State Library's 1st and 2nd floors

Artist's Statement

Photographs from Columbus and Dresden

These photographs are taken from exchanges of photos between members of the Westbridge Camera Club in Columbus and the Fotoklub Exakta in Dresden, Germany. The exhibition is a celebration of those exchanges, and also of the general Sister City relationship between Columbus and Dresden.

Among other things, Columbus and Dresden exchange artists and marathon runners.  In 2005, Mark Fohl was awarded an artist’s residency in Dresden by the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC). While there, Mark met Manfred Zabel, then President of FotoKlub Exakta.  A long friendship began, and the two agreed to exchange photos every other year.  This involves a mailing of photographic prints, not merely an exchange of websites.  Manfred would take the Westbridge photos to a few camera clubs in Dresden, and Mark would take the Fotoclub Exakta prints to other clubs in Central Ohio.  Each club would then “judge” the prints by assigning scores to each.  Points were totaled up, and certificates were awarded to the photos earning the most points.  This exchange has happened seven times since 2005.

These photographs (and others) were exhibited at the City Hall in Dresden in 2017.  The exhibition coincided with the Dresden Marathon, in which five runners from Columbus participated (five runners from Dresden also participated in the Columbus Marathon). The primary purpose of the exhibition was to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Sister City relationship.

I would like to thank McAlister Photo Works for the great printing service. And I would like to thank Dresden Sister City International for support of this project.

The exhibition is dedicated to my friends Manfred Zabel and Joachim Brückner, members of the Fotoklub Exakta. And also to the city of Dresden in general and the neighborhood of Neustadt in particular.

(Mark Fohl)

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June 2018 Exhibit - Selected Photographs by Columbus and Dredsen Photographers

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