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Women of Purpose - Barbara Thomas & Vivian L. Pitman


Women of Purpose

The May exhibit in Columbus State's library show several paintings and dolls created by two generations of artists, mother, Barbara Thomas, and daughter Vivian L. Pitman.  Their works are mixed together.

Barbara Thomas

My name is Barbara Thomas.  I am the fifth child of fourteen children.  I have been making art since the age of six.  Now that I am older, I can not produce a lot of art work the way I would love to.  I made a doll out of old material, and had it exhibited in the Ohio Arts Council.  They thought it was my grandmother's doll.  The doll was faceless. 

I am a painter and a children's story writer.  I gave some of my art work away.  I love to put art work on display for the public to enjoy. 

Vivian Pitman

Yes, my name is Vivian Pitman.  I come from a family of eight. I'm the second oldest sister.   I have a passion and love for art.  Whether building or creating, I am a part of art.  I have been making art for about 12 years.  I seem to have a third eye, meaning, I will visualize it and create it.  The way I see it comes out 99 percent of the time, the way I see and feel it. 

Being an artist is fun and exciting to me.  Working on a project will seem like minutes until I realize that hours have passed by.  I love color and movement.  I had several shows in the Columbus Area.  I also write plays and make props and costumes.  I directed two plays at our church.  Mom helped with some costumes.  Being an artist, I learn I put out a lot of energy.

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Women of Purpose

 Here's a prezi presentation of the works exhibited for Women of Purpose!

Works Pricelist, Media & Dimensions

Works in Women of Purpose Exhibit - May 2015

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