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November 2018 - Nelson Reinhardt

    Nelson Reinhardt

Paintings - 2014-2018   

Columbus State Library, November 2018, 1st & 2nd Floors

Artist's Statement

Nelson Reinhardt

It is hard to envision path that you have not traveled down. Changes are always right in front of you. What is needed is to open up and see the image. The changes you will make are not always big ones. All it takes is a turn to forever change the way you look at the world. That changes the way you look at the world and that will have impact on your art. I envision changes--they all may be not right but they are step forward. This is the path which moves you as an artist. Being courageous and bold, you take a chance with the subject you are tackling, a subject with great feeling. Let the work be the work.

Seize the moment expressing with a great deal with feeling, use of bold forceful to strokes shaping the image, surface breaking through to the surface, looking at the changes as they devolve to a path. You slowly let the colors build up the texture as it comes together with great depth, giving it even more feeling.

You feel more confidently as the images show bolder. You look at the subject with cleaner focus—the important image is coming together. The painting grows with determination, with an unquiet point of view. Colors become bolder, shapes are stronger they fill the space as abstraction.

Change wills my not big or small they come from the four corners. You are being, letting the painting take on image.


If interested in a painting by Nelson Reinhardt, please contact him directly:

Phone: (513) 646-8854



Selected Paintings of Nelson Reinhardt

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