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Cecilia Roman's Curator and Artist's Statement

Cecilia Román is formally trained in the field of audio visual communications.  Her artistic vision has evolved over twenty years to include oil paintings focusing upon abstractions.  Her style incorporates the valuable mentoring of community artists.

"Everyone should think about how we can brush with art. This exhibition serves as a catalyst to explore the arts and to use its methods to communicate, create and react to our surroundings. The exhibition is comprised of 15 works that speak the language of expression."

Cecilia Román, Artist
(614) 832-6464

Cecilia's Hispanic Awareness Month Statement

Hispanic Awareness Month

September 15 to October 15

We celebrate the contributions of a culture whose families have woven their morals,
adventures and accomplished spirits of life into the Americas.

... esa América que tiembla de huracanes y que vive de amore, hombres de ojos sajones alma bárbara, vive. Y sueña. Y ama, y vibra. y es la hija del Sol.
Rubén Darío, Azul.../Cantos de vida y esperanza

I dedicate this exhibition to the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico y a mi Familia.

Three million now live in battlefields of Mother Nature's fury.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria left a devastation to a population that is anchored by the wisdom and strength of senior citizens and minor children with hopeful, starving souls.

This territory sobs...


Listen... listen to a united voice of pride and need.




"Deserve your Dreams" Octavio Paz

Explore the perception of colors, viewpoints and visions, also provoking thoughts of expansive and sequential spaces.

Cecilia Román, Artist

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Exhibit Schedule for 2017

Who's scheduled to exhibit art in the library 2017:

January - Robin Buser - The Stitcher's Art
February -  Marvin Taylor               
March - Nexus: Mother and Child - Kimberly Rhyan and son, Carter
April - Rocco Di Pietro and Romulo Vazquez         
May - Gallery is Getting a Facelift
June - Albert Gray                    
July - William C. Hemming - Oil/Acrylic
August - Jessica Moore              
September - Daryl Brown - Still Learning to Paint
October - Cecilia Roman - Oil / Acrylic
November - Gene Strickland - Student Digital Photography
December - Open     

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