Gallery Exhibit Archives: March 2018 - Lynne Prillerman

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Looking Through the Lens of Lynne

Looking Through The Lens of Lynne:
Photographs by Lynne Prillerman Muse

Lynne Prillerman's Artist Statement

Exhibit Schedule for 2018

Who's scheduled to exhibit art in the library 2018:

January - Hillary Jones - Dreamscapes
February - Vivian Pitman - One Person's Trash is Another Person's Treasure
March - Lynne Prillerman - Looking Through the Lens of Lynne
April - Paul Rehg - Academic Nuts Cartoons
May - OPEN
June - Mark Fohl
July - Tasneem Shalash
August - Wilfredo Calvo Bono
September- William C. Hemming - Oils & Watercolors
October - Cecilia Roman
November - Nelson Reinhardt
December - OPEN

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