Gallery Exhibit Archives: October - Cecilia Roman - "Reflection: Stream of Consciousness

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En Pointe: An exhibition by Cecilia Roman

Reflection: Stream of Consciousness
An exhibit of work by Cecila
October 2019
Columbus State's Library
1st & 2nd floors

Painting by Cecilia Roman in October 2019 exhibit

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Exhibit Schedule for 2019

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January  - OPEN
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April - Vern Lewis - "Appropriating Nature, Religion and Surrealism"
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June - "Colorful Columbus: Mark Fohl and the Westbridge Camera Club"
July - Michael A. Cooley: "Classical Drawings and Paintings"
August - W. C. Hemming - Acrylic Paintings
September - OPEN
October - Cecilia Román - "Reflection: Stream of Consciousness"
November - Sherlann Lewandowski - "The Lesser-Known Ones"
December - Hillary Jones

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