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Artist's Statement

 Valerie Lamb-Steece

         I have always been artistic, but I started out a doodler, drawing and collecting things from outside. My parents were big gardeners, we had a little farm growing up, and I loved being outside, which is probably why there are many plants, rocks and natural elements in my artwork.

 I earned my BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design, studying painting and printmaking. I also earned my teaching license from Ohio Dominican. For the last seven years I’ve been an elementary school art teacher in Nashville TN. I very much enjoyed teaching students about what I love and seeing them progress. My family and I have recently moved back to Columbus to be with family.

The artwork you are seeing today is made using oil paint on canvas. Most of these were painted from life, meaning the still life subject matter was set up in front of me. But some of them are purely from imagination, surprising even me as they are being painting. I think someone could recognize my artwork by its strong color palette. Bright colors make me happy, and often remind me of a specific place and time. For example the painting titled, “See” I had summer in mind as well as light heartedness, while I was setting up the still-life as well as the colors chosen during painting it. 

The thing I like most about being an artist is the older I get the more I enjoy myself and trust what comes to me while I’m painting. I believe there is a creative inside every one of us, that if you keep showing up your creativity shows up too.

Valerie Lamb-Steece: New Works

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