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Cecilia Roman


 Cecilia Roman

Artist’s Statement

Cecilia Román is formally trained in the field of audio visual communications. Her artistic vision has evolved over twenty years to include oil paintings focusing on abstraction. Her style incorporates the valuable mentoring of community artists.

“Everyone should think about how we can brush with art. The quest of self discovery serves as a catalyst to explore the arts, to use its methods to communicate, create, ignite imagination and react to the surroundings. These works speaks the language of expression.”

“I paint in many sizes but prefer to paint with a canvas size that fits in the palm of my hand (5”x7”).  My artistic expressions do not shout. They sing, laugh, question and love.  The viewer reacts, remembers, ponders, and enjoys.  Art does not live in isolation but in community with other art forms and aesthetics.”

                                                                                                                Cecilia Román

Valued Relationships Exhibit - The Artist's Thoughts

Colors have relationships with each other based on their relative positions on the Color Wheel. Many of these relationships have to do with how they can be used “harmoniously” in a “color scheme”. Neighbors on the wheel harmonize well together, and colors further apart on the wheel create more visual “excitement” and are trickier to combine.

I focused on these basic principles of values, comparing and seeking an understanding within nature, families and communities.  The outcome was intense emotions and brilliant expressions.

                                                                                                          Cecilia Román

Works in this Exhibit

This presentation displays all of the paintings by Cecilia Román in this current exhibit.  The titles of each painting can be found in the lower left-hand corner below each painting.

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