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Mark Fohl's Artist's Statement

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1947, and have been interested in photography since high school.  I am a self taught (somewhat serious) amateur photographer.  I first joined a company camera club in 1973, and joined the Westbridge Camera Club in Columbus in 1985.  Through local, national, and international amateur activities, I developed and fine tuned my work.  In the early 90s, I became more serious and participated in juried fine art exhibitions.  My work has been accepted many times at the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, and I have found success in the Ohio Art League and other juried exhibitions in Ohio.  In 2004, I was granted an Artist Residency in Dresden, Germany, and I spent three months there in 2005.  In 2010, I was awarded a residency at the CCA contemporary art museum in Andratx, Mallorca, Spain, and I was there for six weeks in 2011.

Most of my work is film based traditional darkroom black and white photography.  I really enjoy the high image quality of the final darkroom print.  And my subject matter is usually urban and contains patterns, textures, and especially shadows.

However, while in Spain, I discovered many interesting and marvelously rich colors.  I came to the conclusion that foreign countries are characterized not only by language and culture, but also by physical characteristics like buildings, architecture, architectural details, and color.  We don’t have colors like this in Columbus, so I decided to bring them back home.

Check out more colors and lots of black and white on my website,

All photos are for sale. 
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A Couple of Mark Fohl's Beautiful Photographs

Red Foliage by Mark Fohl

Red Foliage, a photograph by Mark Fohl

Red Foliage by Mark Fohl

Table and Flower, a photograph by Mark Fohl

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