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Artist's Reception Dec. 4, 2017 for Lewanda Lim

Art Reception for Lewanda Lim

Artist, Lewanda Lim (on right) enjoying the reception for her exhibition at Columbus State Community College Library on December 4, 2017.  

Artist: Lewanda Lim, "Telling Our Story"


Telling Our Story 

Artist: Lewanda Lim

Exhibition: December 1st through 15th
Columbus Hall Library / 2nd Floor Gallery

Presentation & Reception – Dec. 4th – 6-8 p.m., Columbus Hall Library, Media Studio, 1st Floor

Lewanda Lim is a local Filipino-American artist/poet whose oeuvre is multi-faceted and versatile.  She has lived and exhibited her art in several parts of the country, including a 2015 show, Intersections, at the Cultural Arts Center of Columbus.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of the Philippines and a Master of Studio Arts from the State University of New York.

The varied genres she engages in are landscapes, still-life, portraits, abstract expressions, political commentaries, prints and fiber art (collages). Her poems have been published in three anthologies.

This exhibit, Telling Our Story, is a visual narrative and intense commentary on the history of the Philippines and Filipino immigration to America.  Pinoy, the first painting introduces us to the racial profile of Filipinos or Pinoys, known to many as doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, nannies, mail-order brides, military personnel and others.  The background of western colonization is described in two visually compact and arresting ways.  Experiences of early and later immigrants are equally portrayed through her own interpretive prism.  This whole series is an ongoing project of the artist.  She invites us to dwell on the many-layered experiences of an Asian minority, naturally and perennially attracted to join the multitudes drawn to this great and inclusive nation.

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