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Media Creation & Technology Department's Student Showcase

During the month of November 2017, the Media Creation & Technology Department is presenting a small student showcase, hosted in Columbus Hall (on the 1st and 2nd floors), from some of their creative degree programs:

Digital Design & Graphics

Digital Photography

Interactive Media

Media and technology impact every industry and profession.  It is the interrelationship between media and technology that is at the heart of the Media Creation and Technology Department at Columbus State Community College.  Our focus is not just on careers that are anchored in technology or the digital arts but also in those where media convergence takes place. 

Our majors span a wide range of disciplines.  If your interest is primarily in the digital arts, or programs in audio/visual production, digital design and graphics, interactive media, video game art and animation, and digital photography combine theory with practice; to enable you to successfully enter those industries.

Exhibit Schedule for 2017

Who's scheduled to exhibit art in the library 2017:

January - Robin Buser - The Stitcher's Art
February -  Marvin Taylor               
March - Nexus: Mother and Child - Kimberly Rhyan and son, Carter
April - Rocco Di Pietro and Romulo Vazquez         
May - Gallery got a facelift!
June - Albert Gray                    
July - William C. Hemming - Oil/Acrylic
August - Jessica Moore              
September - Daryl Brown - Still Learning to Paint
October - Cecilia Roman - Oil / Acrylic
November - Media Creation & Technology Department's Student Showcase
December - Lewanda Lim - Telling Our Story

View the Student Showcase on Display November 2017

More information about these pieces are to come!

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