Mobile Library Resources: Getting Started

This guide addresses library resources and services for which a downloadable application or mobile web interface exists.

Device Survey

What type of mobile device do you use most often for school assignments and research?

Device Survey
Android: 39 votes (37.5%)
iPhone: 45 votes (43.27%)
iPad: 10 votes (9.62%)
Blackberry: 0 votes (0%)
Windows Phone: 0 votes (0%)
iPod Touch: 3 votes (2.88%)
Other: 7 votes (6.73%)
None: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 104

What's in This Guide

Transform Your Smartphone or Tablet Into A Scholarly Workstation by utilizing library and research-related mobile applications to access Databases, Books, Magazines & Journals, Web Search EnginesUtilities, and More.

This guide should aid in the following from your mobile device:

Retrieving scholarly articles

Identifying materials in the library's collection

Accessing multimedia features of a publication

Keeping up-to-date on news and events

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