Mobile Library Resources: Library Databases

This guide addresses library resources and services for which a downloadable application or mobile web interface exists.

Mobile Sites vs. Apps

What is a mobile site?

Mobile sites are optimized to display content on the smaller screen size of a mobile device. These sites are typically streamlined versions of a main website for the purposes of increased usability and download speed on the mobile platform. Mobile sites can be accessed by any device that has a web browser available to it.

What is an app?

Native applications are programs built for a specific device. Therefore, an app that is available for an iPhone may not be available for an Android-based smartphone. An app must be downloaded and installed before it can be used. Because apps are designed to be used on a specific device, apps tend to function more smoothly and efficiently than a mobile site.

Improve Your Research With These Native Apps

Discover, read, or save full-text articles from many EBSCO databases right from your smartphone. EBSCO databases include Academic Search Complete, CINAHL, ERIC, and Medline. Note: This application must be authenticated from your Columbus State student email account to access all features.
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