Mobile Library Resources: Periodicals

This guide addresses library resources and services for which a downloadable application or mobile web interface exists.

Website vs. Database

Many journals and magazines now have websites that include additional information and media. Information contained on a publication's website can vary significantly from the content contained in the printed journal. Columbus State Community College library subscribes to all of the publications listed on this page, so you can access both web and subscription content for free.

Database Content

Organization: Structured to facilitate information retrieval.
Access: Full-text articles, images, graphs, datasets, and more.
Scope: It varies by publication. Generally a minimum of 5-10 years worth of material.
Content: Premium content published for subscribers, including featured articles and commentary.
Stability: Content is fixed and archived using persistent links.

Web Content

Organization: Structured to facilitate leisurely browsing.
Access: May only include a table of contents or a limited number of articles.
Scope: Articles may only be available for the most current issue.
Content: Web-only content. Subscription content may not be available.
Stability: Content changes rapidly and information disappears from the site.

Featured Subscriptions

Access the latest issue of Science, including Science Careers and the weekly Science podcast. This app must be accessed on campus using CSCC WiFi to read full-text articles.
FREE: iPhone, iPad, Android
New England Journal of Medicine
Access peer-reviewed research articles, images, audio summaries of clinical practice articles, and streaming procedural videos in clinical medicine. Note: Multimedia features cannot be accessed over 3G or 4G.
FREE: iPhone, iPad
Chest Journal
Browse the current issue of the peer-reviewed publication of the American College of Chest Physicians optimized for iOS devices. This app must be accessed on campus using CSCC WiFi to read full-text articles.
FREE: iPhone, iPad

Web Content Optimized for Smartphones

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