Mobile Library Resources: Web Research

This guide addresses library resources and services for which a downloadable application or mobile web interface exists.

Internet Myths

Limits of Scope

For librarian William Badke, one of the main frustrations with Google is its limited content. It often doesn't search the most important sources1. Most experts would agree that a single search engine captures no more than 16% of the entire Internet2.

Consequences of Habit

Another tendency of Internet researchers is to use the same search engine for every search3. Applying the information above, it becomes evident that repeatedly relying on a familar search engine severely constricts your awareness of the information available on a topic. This tendency towards the familar goes "hand-in-hand" with not using the advanced features of a particular search engine.

2L. Graham and P. Metaxas, "Of Course it's True; I Saw it on the Internet," Communications of the ACM 46:5, May 2003.

Native Apps To Search The World Wide Web

Duck Duck Go
A general purpose search engine that helps you define the intended meaning of a vague keyword. It also provides "zero-click information" and has the ability to perform many specialized searches.
FREE: iPhone, iPad, Android
Hum a melody, sing some lyrics, or hold your smartphone near a radio to discover information about a piece of music.
FREE: iPhone, iPad, Android

Additional Web Research Tools

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