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Overview of MLA Style Guidelines
This guide has been updated! The current MLA style guide is located at

The MLA Style Center

Library Quick Guides

The library's quick guides provide additional information on how to document sources and incorporate in-text citations.

All Citation Guides

Comprehensive guides for:

Your instructor shall tell you which citation style you should use or check your course syllabus!

Each guide instructs you how to format your research papers and how to cite sources you use to support your research.

Note: Quick and Tech Guides with more guidance can be found on the library's home page under Research Help.

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Free Citation Generators

Citation generators provide online forms to create a citation in various formats such as MLA, APA, Chicago, and more. The researcher types the bibliographic data into the form and the site generates a citation in the format requested.

Some citation generators display the citation on the screen, but don't save the citation. Others sites offer some citation management  services, such as saving your citations, and organizing files, folders, and citations as you perform your research.

Remember! YOU are responsible for the accuracy of your citations. Citation Generators are convenient to use, but are rarely accurate.

Free Citation Generators

Citation Generators in Databases

Database Citation Generators

Many databases offer examples of citations in a variety of citation styles.  They are not guaranteed to be accurate.  It is your responsibility as a student to check each citation carefully to make sure they are correct.

EBSCO Databases example below:

Resource Showcase: The Purdue OWL

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides a thorough overview of MLA 8 with helpful examples. Be sure to check out its MLA Formatting and Style Guide.

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