MLA Citations: Cite Other Sources

Tips on Citing Other Sources

Regardless or publication format, pay attention to your source's core elements and use the MLA Practice Template to help cite your source.

Author: For personal interviews, start your entry with the name of the interviewee. If you’re focusing on a director, performer, or editor’s individual contribution to a film or television show, begin your entry with the person’s name followed by his or her role.

  • Anderson, Wes, director.
  • Ackles, Jensen, performer.

Title of Source: Put episode titles in quotation marks. Italicize the titles of films, plays, and television shows. For an e-mail, use the e-mail’s subject for the title of the source. For sources without a title, include a description (Ex. Interview).

  • “The Marine Biologist.”
  • Children of Men.
  • Concert.
  • “Re: Campus Life.”

Title of Container: A television series would be considered the container for an episode from the show. Container titles are typically italicized.

  • Seinfeld,
  • Game of Thrones,

Other Contributors: For interviews, include the interviewer’s name in this field (Ex. by Mo Rocca). For films, television shows, or performances, include the contributor’s role and name (directed by, created by, written by, performances by, etc.). For e-mails, identify the recipient in this field (Ex. Received by).

  • directed by Guillermo del Toro,
  • performance by Cate Blanchett,
  • Received by David R. Jones,

Version: If you stream a television show or film from an app, identify the app in this field. When citing a video game, identify the version/platform.

  • HBOGo app,
  • Nintendo Switch,

Number: For television shows, include the season number and episode number for this element.

  • season 3, episode 9,

Publisher: For films and television shows, identify the production company as the publisher. For public performances, identify the theatre group.

  • Miramax,
  • CATCO,

Location: Identify the physical location of concerts, performances, and works of art viewed in person. For DVD sets, identify the disc number.

  • Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH.
  • Ohio Theatre, Columbus, OH.
  • disc 2.

Core Elements


Author. Title of source. Title of container, Other contributors, Version, Number, Publisher, Publication date, Location. Title of 2nd container, Other contributors, Version, Number, Publisher, Publication date, Location. Optional elements.

Film and TV

Film (DVD)

The Company of Wolves. Directed by Neil Jordan, performances by Angela Lansbury and Stephen Rea, Hen’s Tooth, 2002.

Television Episode

“Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose.” The X-Files, created by Chris Carter, directed by David Nutter, performances by David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Peter Boyle, season 3, episode 4, Ten Thirteen Productions, 13 Oct. 1995.




Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers"Don't Come Around Here No More." Southern Accents, MCA, 1985.

Streaming Audio

Kid Cudi"Pursuit of Happiness." iTunes app, GOOD Music, 2010.


Yankovic, “Weird Al.” Mandatory World Tour Concert. 6 July 2016, Palace Theatre, Columbus, OH.


Work of Art (In Person)

Hopper, Edward. Morning Sun. 1952. Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH.

Work of Art (Online)

Seurat, Georges. A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. 1884/1886. Art Institute of Chicago,

Lectures and Correspondence

Personal Interview

St. Hubbins, DavidInterview. By Marti Dibergi, 2 Mar. 1984.


Hadfield, Christopher. “Space Odyssey.” Received by David R. Jones, 10 Jan. 2016.

PowerPoint Lecture

Pugno, Ben. “6th Century Rome and Early Republic.” CLAS 1225: Classical Civilization: Rome, 6 Sept. 2016, Columbus State Community College, Delaware, OH. Slide 3.

Content on Blackboard

Handout from Blackboard

Part I.: Birth of Western Medicine. Blackboard, uploaded by Ben Pugno, 28 Aug. 2017,

Course Reading on Blackboard

Thucydides. "The Melian Dialogue." Blackboard, uploaded by Ben Pugno, 4 Sept. 2017,


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