APA 7 Citations: Audiovisual Media

This guide replaces the APA Citations guide for the 6th edition.

What Does the APA Mean by Audiovisual Media?

Audiovisual media may have both visual and audio components, or be audio only, or visual only.

For Audiovisual media it matters whether a work stands alone or is part of a greater whole.

  • Examples of "stand alone" works: feature film, TV series, work of art, podcast, webinar, or YouTube video.
  • Examples of "works that are parts of a greater whole": song from an album, TV episode, or podcast episode.

Templates for Citing Audiovisual Media

This template gives you the order and formatting for each part of a reference citation (author, date, title, and source) for the various types of audiovisual media.

Audiovisual Media Reference and Citation Examples

APA's Newly Published Reference Examples

Here are some new reference and citation examples for audiovisual sources published only in APA's March 13th, 2020 blog post.

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