Technology Tips: Presentations

This guide provides answers to some of the most frequently asked, technology-based questions at the library.

The Communication Center

Communication Center

Do you need advice about preparing or delivering a speech? Would you like to videotape a rehearsal of your next presentation?

The tutors in the Communication Center can assist you with the speech preparation process. 

Visit their website for more information.

Office 365

Office 365 ProPlus

Did you know that as a CSCC student or staff member you have complimentary access to Office 365? 

The Microsoft Student Advantage program provides access to full versions of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus to all Columbus State students at no charge! This includes access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more!

Click here for more information.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This section will offer select information that can guide you in developing your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. The main focus of this section is recording presentations and presenting via virtual means. CSCC offers classes in how to use PowerPoint: BOA1103 - Powerpoint. 
Find out more information about this course by visiting the CSCC course catalog search.

From Microsoft:

If you have a sound card, microphone, and speakers, and (optionally) a webcam, you can record your PowerPoint presentation and capture narrations, slide timings, and ink gestures.

After you have made the recording, it's like any other presentation that can be played for you or your audience in Slide Show—or you can save the presentation as a video file.

From Microsoft:

You can schedule an online meeting ahead of time or start a meeting right away – all from within PowerPoint using Skype for Business. You need to have a microphone connected to your PC, so you can speak to your meeting attendees.

This is an accessible feature because it gives your attendees direct access to your presentation in a shared area. They can follow along with the presenter or navigate backward or forward in the presentation at their own pace. Or an attendee with impaired vision could download the presentation so she could use a favored tool (such as a Magnifier or a screen reader) to follow along.


Google Slides is an online presentation software developed by Google. Google Slides is free and one of its major benefits is the opportunity for multiple users to collaborate and make changes in real time. Google Slides is part of the Google Docs Suite which also includes Google Docs and Google Sheets. Files created within any of the software in the Suite can be converted easily into Microsoft Office files and vice versa.

Google offers their own communication platform for messaging, video chatting and voice calling; Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts can be used to broadcast your presentation to multiple people at once through video or audio chatting. Hangouts is most compatible when using other Google software, such as Chrome and Google Slides, but any presentation software can be used due to Google Hangouts' screencapture feature. Below are some helpful links if you are thinking about using Google Hangouts for your presentation.

Screencastify is a screencasting extension for Google Chrome. It allows you to record your screen activity for creating tutorials, presentations, or demonstrations. Screencastify can be used to broadcast presentations created in Google Slides or other presentation software. Screencastify only works for Google Chrome but it allows users to save their recorded presentations to their Google Drive or upload to YouTube.

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