COLS 1100: First Year Experience: Getting Started

An introduction to library services for students.

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What's in This Guide?

This Course Guide contains links to items that may be useful for completing your course projects.  You will find eResources and Library information.  These items are meant to supplement the tools that your instructor gives you in the course.


In this guide, you will find:

Course Resources - items to increase your understanding and skills related to your COLS course

Library, a Campus Resource - Library services and resources provided to you as a Columbus State student


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Evaluating Information

Here is a list of Common Questions you should ask when analyzing any source for research purposes.

Currency: Information is timely

Can you locate a publication date or posted date? Are there revisions or updates to the information? Is the information current enough for your topic?

Relevance: Information connects to your research needs

How does the information compare to other sources you found? Do I need scholarly communication, facts and figures, or an emotional story? Does the information answer your research question?

Authority: Information comes from a trusted source or expert

Can you determine the author or publisher of the source? Is the author affiliated with a particular institution or organization? Is the author an expert on this topic?

Accuracy: Information is correct, reliable, and factual

Can you identify the original source(s) of information? Is the information supported by evidence? Has the information been peer-reviewed or fact checked?

Purpose: Information has a clear reason or intent

Is there an identifiable bias (political, personal, ideological)? What is the source's agenda (inform, persuade, sell, mislead, provoke)? Is the information factual, opinion, propaganda, or satirical?

*Based on the CRAAP test created by Molly Beestrum, Librarian, while at Dominican University.

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