BMGT: HVAC - An Entrepreneurial Business Plan: Business Plan Outline

Business Plan Outline

  1. Mission Statement
    1. Describe the company's long-term mission
  2. The Team
    1. CEO and key management
      1. What previous accomplishments and records of success have the key players had?
      2. What number of years in field give them expertise?
  3. Market Summary
    1. What can be said of market analysis for past, present and future trends?
    2. Look at market share, leadership, key players, costs, pricing, and competition. What can be concluded from these aspects?
  4. Opportunities
    1. What problems and opportunities will the company face?
      1. Are there any consumer issues/problems to account for?
      2. Are there any consumer product/service opportunities?
      3. How will the business solve these issues?
  5. Business Concept
    1. What key technologies, concepts, or strategies will be necessary for the business to thrive?
  6. Competition
    1. Who is the competition?
    2. What is the competitive advantage of your product/service?
  7. Goals and Objectives
    1. List five year goals
    2. Identify specific, measurable objectives
      1. List market-share objectives
      2. List revenue/profitability objectives
  8. Financial Plan
    1. What are the expected annual sales and profits for the next 3 years?
    2. Include a financial document
  9. Resource Requirements
    1. What types of personnel/technology is needed?
    2. What sorts of finances are required?
    3. How do you foresee distribution or promotion of the service/product?
    4. What extra services or products might be offered?
  10. Risks and Rewards
    1. Summarize the risks of the proposed project
    2. How will these risks be addressed?
    3. What are the expected rewards?
  11. Key Issues
    1. Identify key decisions and issues that need immediate or quick resolution
    2. State consequences of postponing these issues
    3. Identify issues needing long-term resolution
    4. State consequences of postponing a decision on these issues
    5. What extra monies might be needed to address issues?

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