ENGL 2240: Introduction to Science Fiction: Online Resources

This guide will lead you to resources, databases, journals, and more that cover the topic of Science Fiction.

Science Fiction Encyclopedia

SF Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction or SFE aims to provide a comprehensive, scholarly, and critical guides to science fiction. Many of its entries come from encyclopedias that were previously published in print. 

Galaxy Magazine

Cover of Galaxy Magazine's November 1950 issue


Issues of Galaxy Magazine from 1950-1976 are now available to read for free online. It contained works by many science fiction greats and had an impact on speculative fiction.

Recommended Websites

Below are some of the websites related to Science Fiction. As always, be careful with the information you find on the web. Be sure to evaluate your sources!

Amazing Stories

Cover of Amazing Stories Volume 2 Number 5, August 1927

Pulp magazine Amazing Stories began publication in 1926 and greatly impacted science fiction and influenced many sci-fi greats, including Arthur C. Clarke. Early issues of Amazing Stories have also been archived online.

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