ENGL 2240: Introduction to Science Fiction: Additional Information

This guide will lead you to resources, databases, journals, and more that cover the topic of Science Fiction.


Searching online? Try a search engine like Google Scholar or SweetSearch as they focus on more reliable sources.

Need Help Citing?

It is very important to credit your sources and document them on a Works Cited page.  Literary essays typically follow MLA style and documentation guidelines.

Primary Vs. Secondary Sources

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Source Type Examples

A primary source is a first person account by someone who experienced or witnessed an event. This original document has not been previously published or interpreted by anyone else.


  • First person account of an event
  • Original publication
  • Speech or lecture
  • Original artwork
  • Handwritten manuscript
  • Letters or diary entries
  • Historical documents, e.g. Bill of Rights

A secondary source is one step removed from the primary original source. The author is reexamining, interpreting and forming conclusions based on the information that is conveyed in the primary source. 


  • Newspaper reporting on a study
  • Review of a book
  • Biography
  • Analysis of Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat"

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