Native American Heritage Month: November: Native American Nonfiction Available at CSCC

This guide will highlight CSCC resources available related to Native American Heritage Month as well as provide additional web resources.

Native American Nonfiction Available at CSCC

This section includes a sampling of Native American nonfiction titles available at Columbus State library.  Use the catalog search function below to find additional nonfiction books related to Native Americans.

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Use the Columbus State library catalog to search for books, journals, eBooks, and audio-visual materials owned by Columbus State Community College.

Native American Cultural NonFiction

American Indian Food

This, the first, in-depth survey of Native American Indian foodways is an amazing chronicle of both human development over thousands of years and American history after the European invasion.

Hearts of Our People

Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists explores the artistic achievements of Native women and establishes their rightful place in the art world.

Native American Clothing

Native Americans crafted beautiful clothing out of skins, pigment, quills and sinew. The collection of photographs in this outstanding reference celebrates this decorative genius.

How We Go Home

In myriad ways, each narrator's life has been shaped by loss, injustice, and resilience--and by the struggle of how to share space with settler nations whose essential aim is to take all that is Indigenous.

Native American Historical NonFiction

An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States

The first history of the United States told from the perspective of indigenous peoples.

The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee

The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee is an essential, intimate history - and counter-narrative - of a resilient people in a transformative era.

The First Code Talkers

The First Code Talkers covers all known Native American code talkers of World War I--members of the Choctaw, Oklahoma Cherokee, Comanche, Osage, and Sioux nations, as well as the Eastern Band of Cherokee and Ho-Chunk, whose veterans have yet to receive congressional recognition.

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