Native American Heritage Month: November: Native American eBooks Available Through CSCC

This guide will highlight CSCC resources available related to Native American Heritage Month as well as provide additional web resources.

Native American eBooks Available Through CSCC

This section includes a sampling of Native American eBooks available from Columbus State Library. When accessing eBooks off-campus, you will be prompted to log in with your CSCC username and password. Use the catalog search function below to find additional eBooks related to Native Americans.

CS Library

Use the Columbus State library catalog to search for books, journals, eBooks, and audio-visual materials owned by Columbus State Community College.

Native American Culture eBooks

Native Nations

Organized around regional groupings within which similar, although not identical, cultural practices developed, this comprehensive text introduces students to the many peoples indigenous to North America

Conversations with Remarkable Native Americans

In these lively and informative interviews, noted ethnohistorian and international consultant Joëlle Rostkowski brings to light major developments in the Native American experience over the last thirty years.

'Going Native?' Settler Colonialism and Food

This volume offers a comparative survey and analysis of diverse settler colonial experiences in relation to food, food culture and foodways - how the latter are constructed, maintained, revolutionized and, in some cases, dissolved.

Native American History eBooks

Environmental Clashes on Native American Land

This book explores how the media frame environmental and scientific disputes faced by American Indian communities.

Native American Racism in the Age of Donald Trump

This book examines the resurgence of anti-Native Americanism since the start of Donald Trump's bid for the US Presidency.

Settlers in Indian Country

The aim of this Element is to foreground Native American conceptions of sovereignty and power in order to refine the place of settler colonialism in American colonial and early republican history. 

Native American Fiction eBooks

Indian Country

In Indian Country: Essays on Contemporary Native Culture, Gail Guthrie Valaskakis uses a cultural studies approach to offer a unique perspective on Native political struggle and cultural conflict in both Canada and the United States.

The Life and Writings of Betsey Chamberlain

During the 1830s and 1840s, Betsey Guppy Chamberlain (1797-1886), a mixed-race writer of English and Algonkian heritage, labored in the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, where she penned colorful stories and sketches for two workers' magazines-the Lowell Offering and The New England Offering. A courageous and pioneering author, Chamberlain wrote the earliest known Native American fiction.

Bone Game

Bone Game is a murder mystery on a grand scale. Cole McCurtain, a mixed-blood Indian professor of Indian Studies at Santa Cruz, California, is haunted by dreams dating back to events of Spanish California.

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