Mass Media: COMM 2208

This guide will help Communication and English students find library and web resources about media, mass communication, and journalism.


"In journalism, there has always been a tension between getting it first and getting it right." ~ Ellen Goodman

"Our duty is to be fair to the truth." ~ Lester Holt

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What's in This Guide?

This guide will help you discover books, journal articles, websites and other info about journalism, communication and mass media useful to COMM 2208 students. For more info visit the Languages & Communication department.

COMM 2208

Prepares students to communicate effectively with the mass media (newspapers, magazines, radio and television) through press conferences, news releases, feature stories, research reports and statements. Students will prepare and present a portfolio of news and feature stories, brochures, flyers, research and other course assignments.

Communication and Mass Media

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