Gender Research: Websites

This guide points out useful resources for research on gender and related topics, such as sexuality, gender roles, feminism, and cultural influences.

Spotlight on Women and Work

Take a look at "Women Working, 1800-1930," from Harvard University's Open Collection Program.  Access numerous primary documents on women's economic history.

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar for a preliminary search.  Don't forget to check the library and library databases for titles you may find through Google Scholar! Many scholarly works still remain unavailable on the web.

Gender Websites

There are numerous websites available on gender, and the following websites are a select few. Take the time to carefully evaluate the information you find on the Internet and note the lens through which the information is conveyed.

Gender Statistics

Project Implicit

Project Implicit studies implicit attitudes and preferences in regard to age, weight, gender roles, race and ethnicity, and sexuality.

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