Generation One Trailblazers: Brain Breaks

Don't forget to give your brain a break!

A graphic of a brain with a broken pencil. The text says, 'Five Ways to Relieve Final Exam Stress' The list is 1. Video chat a friend. 2. Listen to your favorite song. 3. Watch a funny video. 4. Go on a walk 5. Take a nap.

Take a Virtual Break!

Window Swap A (virtual) window to the world.

Play With Arts & Culture Google site with jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, coloring pages, and more.

AI Doodle Guesser Pretty fun! It's like Pictionary with AI.

Society 6 Coloring Pages Pages to print and color.

Just Color Another coloring page site.

#ColorOurCollections Coloring pages from libraries, archives, and museums' collections.

Good News Network A site dedicated to good news.

Good News by actor John Krasinski.

Doodles with Mo Willems Relaxing. Fun. Uses a date stamp for his doodles.

Videos of being on Rollercoasters Virtual rollercoaster rides.

Georgia Aquarium Webcams Online aquarium.

National Zoo Webcams Virtual zoo visit.

Mindfulness App A free app to help you relax.

Mazes by Sean C. Jackson.

Geoguesser A game that drops you randomly in the world on Google Maps. You have to guess where you are. There is a free option.

Random Puzzles Do a puzzle online.

Columbus Museum of Art An art museum for the Columbus community. Explore in person or online.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Over 5000 years of art from around the world.

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