Engineering: Journals

This guide will direct you to many key resources in the field of Engineering.

Journals vs. Magazines

Scholarly Peer-reviewed Journals

  • reports of research carried in a specific subject
  • written by scholars in the field of study
  • bibliographic references are given
  • usually have a sober, serious look
  • articles are submitted by researchers and or experts in the field
  • edited by referees, other experts, and editors


  • miscellaneous articles covering a wide variety of subject areas
  • reporters usually not experts on the subject
  • articles submitted by writers or editors employed by magazine
  • written in short, simple language that is easy to understand
  • lots of photographs and graphics are used to add marketing appeal

Print Periodicals

Find journals in print on the 3rd Floor next to the periodicals desk, or browse a complete list of the library's print periodicals. Some titles include:

Electronic Journals

In addition to print journals, the Library has electronic access to the following Engineering journals:

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