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Watch streaming videos online such as the ones listed below:

William Rivers: Everything is Relatives
William Rivers, trained as a doctor, administered psychological tests to the islanders of the Torres Straits north of Australia and discovered the importance of relatives in their society. (Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 2000)

Understanding Race

This program examines the history and power of the artificial distinction called "race," viewing it within historical, scientific, and cultural contexts. (Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1994)

Ethnographic Video Online

Ethnographic Video Online - provides the largest, most comprehensive resource for the study of human culture and behavior— with more than 1,000 films at completion.

The Architecture of Mud - The Hadhramaut region, in the south of Yemen , is well-known for its unique mudbrick architecture.

The Girl's Celebration - Nambiquara Indians, near Bolivia

The Magic Men of Vanuatu - In the Vanuatu Islands (Melanesia), some communities live in harmony with Nature and question magicians to calm down the spirits.

PBS Time Team America

Selected films available at Columbus State

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