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The "Other Collections" tab was added to give instructors and students links to resources they could explore on their own. Instructors should avoid assigning videos without captions or podcasts without transcripts. All texts assigned in a course should be accessible to all. If you have questions about this issue, please speak to your Disability Services staff on campus about options before you make a decision about using them. 

Suggestions for using these collections.   +

Instructors could ask students to select a few podcasts from This American Life that most interest them and analyze the use or placement of a controlling idea or the structure of a narrative.

After reviewing the rubric that Snap Judgment uses to help writers create work to submit for their site, students could try to put their work in that form for practice with various genres and audience/purposes.

Students could use the “Other Collections” tab to browse the collections if they didn’t immediately see a text in another tab they wanted to use for an assignment.

Code Switch: Race and Identity, Remixed  infoThis NPR podcast site's contributors are all journalists of color who explore issues of race and identity.

The Electric Typewriter  infoThis site hosts a collection of essays and articles by popular writers and journalists on a variety of topics.

Essay Daily  infoEssay Daily is a website dedicated to discussing and exploring the art of the essay.

The Literary Hub  infoThis site would be useful when research and readings related to literature and writing would be useful to a project.

The Moth  infoThe Moth podcasts re-airs episodes from The Moth Radio Hour, which celebrates storytelling, often including stories from famous people.

ProPublica  infoProPublica is a non-profit newsroom dedicated to investigative journalism with "moral force."

The Rumpus  infoThe Rumpus collects essays and personal narratives that address a variety of popular culture issues and topics. The site describes itself as a platform for "marginalized voices."

Snap Judgment  infoSnap Judgment is a weekly radio story and podcast that presents stories on a theme. 

StoryCorps  infoStoryCorps provides a forum for people to share their stories. Their mission is to "preserve and share humanity's stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world."

This American Life  infoThis American Life is a "weekly public radio program and podcast." Each week has a different theme, and they specialize in "journalism that's built around plot."


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