Chinese: News & Media


The Beijing News - daily newspaper published in Beijing since 2003

People's Daily - official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party

Wenhui Bao - major daily Chinese newspaper published in Shanghai


Radio Guide FM: China - Listen online to the most popular radio stations in China.

Watch TV!

CultureLab - watch Chinese TV and music videos with interactive subtitles in Traditional and Simplified Chinese

CCTV - China Central Television online, with videos in both Chinese and English

Youku - Chinese video hosting site similar to YouTube

Tudou - Chinese video sharing website with many full-length TV series, shows, and movies


Vogue China - beauty and fashion

Dú Zhě - a diverse variety of articles on travel,
economics, society, and excerpts from published

Youth Digest - interviews, wellness tips, stories,
economic and cultural analysis, profiles, jokes and

Yì Lín - literary short stories and real life anecdotes

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