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Slow Chinese - personal narratives by native Chinese people, read in Mandarin at a slow speed; topics vary from language, knowledge, tradition and culture to opinions on social phenomena

Popup Chinese - "modern and stylish" daily language podcasts

ChineseClass101 - audio and video lessons, flashcards, lesson notes, community forum

Chinese LingQ - Chinese conversations on a variety of topics


Ohio State University's National East Asian Languages Resource Center (NEALRC) provides access to learning materials for learners and teachers of East Asian languages.

Chinese: Communicating in the Culture, provided by NEALRC, is a curriculum for learning Chinese in cultural contexts, featuring textbooks, audio programs, and interactive multimedia.

Online Courses


Confucius Institute - live classes and self-learning affiliated with the Chinese Department of Education

Mango - offered free through Columbus Metropolitan Library. Get a CML library card from the CML website.


Chinese With Mike

Online Resources

Hacking Chinese Resources - searchable database of hundreds of online Chinese learning resources; filter by level, topic, and resource type


Chinese Grammar Wiki - free online grammar resource with lessons organized by skill level


Tatoeba - database of example sentences searchable by language and word


Yoyo Chinese Pinyin Chart - pinyin chart with audio demonstrations and video explanations for English speakers


FluentU - Mandarin web video content with interactive Mandarin and English captions


Anki - free flashcard software (also available on iPhone/iPad and Android)

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