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How to choose films by theme/subject, find movie reviews, and explore film criticism by director, film, genre, and more.

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The CS Library and OhioLINK have several anthologies of top-quality film reviews, plus books of reviews by individual critics.  You can search the contents/index for a specific film review, or browse to find an interesting movie to write about or a style of film writing that appeals to you.  These are just a sample--use the search boxes in the center column to find other books of reviews!

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Poster for Val Lewton and Jacques Tourneur's film, Cat People

[Poster for Val Lewton and Jacques Tourneur's film, Cat People]

Need to find a movie review?  This page will help you find movie reviews in our library collection, in magazines and newspapers (via our databases), and from authoritative internet resources.

Search Our Databases

Many of our databases contain periodicals that publish film reviews, but for the best writing on feature films, we suggest the Film & Television Literature Index.  Once logged in, click the "Advanced Search" link immediately below the search bar, then select "Film Review" in the "Document Type" menu:

Then put the name of the film in question in the search box at the top of the page, and proceed with your search as usual!

Find Reviews On The Web

When searching for movie reviews online, bear in mind that many instructors prefer that students use reviews by journalists and other professionals.  Always evaluate your search results: is the review signed?  Is the website a news outlet or other trusted site?  Is the style one you would associate with professional writing?  When in doubt, ask your instructor.

Here's a few hand-picked resources to get you started:

Rotten Tomatoes is a popular film site.  After you've found the movie you're looking for, scroll down to the section marked "Critic Reviews."  There, the site has collected links to reviews from professional film critics.  This can be especially helpful for finding reviews of older movies.

Roger Ebert's website contains reviews and commentary from this famous film critic and others.  Although Ebert passed away in 2013, the website continues to be updated by professional reviewers.  Ebert's writing is learned, nuanced, and accessible, making him an interesting read.

Variety, a publication by and for the entertainment industry, reserves a portion of its website for film news and reviews.  Browse reviews for current films, or search the archive for a specific film. has signed film reviews for current theater and DVD releases, plus columns of commentary by authors such as John Scalzi and Thelma Adams.

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