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How to choose films by theme/subject, find movie reviews, and explore film criticism by director, film, genre, and more.

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These are some examples of books owned by CS library that are about a specific social issue in movies.  You can use these to find interesting-sounding films to write about, or do a search (see the book search box in the center column!) to find other volumes. 

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Poster for Fritz Lang's film Frau im Mond (Woman in the Moon)

[Poster for Fritz Lang's film Frau im Mond (Woman in the Moon)]

Need to find a movie to write about for an assignment?  This page will show you some techniques for finding films that talk about specific social issues, topics, or themes.

The CS Library has great films that deal with a variety of themes, and our easy-to-use search engine helps you find them!  Finding movies that deal with a specific subject can be tricky.  You can search directly for the films themselves, but that approach yields patchy results at best.  A good idea is to check out books and articles that discuss movies--lots of film critics talk about the ways a certain movie, director, or body of films deal with a given theme or social problem.  As a bonus, you will probably be able to use their commentary as an additional source for your own paper!  Taking a quick look at their writing will lead you to films you might not have heard of otherwise.

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To find movies about a social issue, or books discussing those films, try entering a keyword search in our library catalog for "[issue] and film" or "[issue] and movie" (without quotation marks or brackets).  For instance, searching "race and film" shows that CSCC owns Skin, a film about racism in South Africa, as well as books like High contrast: Race and Gender in Contemporary Hollywood Film.  Try it out now!


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To locate books at OhioLINK Libraries throughout Ohio, and to request their delivery to the Columbus State Community College library, search the OhioLINK Catalog.

For suggestions on how to find movies about social issues, or books that discuss those movies, please see the Library Catalog search box above.


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