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Resources on banned/challenged books and intellectual freedom.

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Celebrating Our Right to Read

A graphic with simplified images of a red-toned person with short hair and a tie, and a blue-toned person with bobbed hair and a blouse, reading a book together.  Background is an American flag in muted tones.  Text next to the readers says, "Our Right to Read September 24-30, 2017."  A Banned Books Week logo appears in the upper right corner.

[Image: A graphic featuring a muted American flag as the background, with red and blue icons of a short haired person wearing a tie, and a longer-haired person, reading a yellow and white book together.  A Banned Books Week logo is in the upper right corner.  Accompanying text: "Our right to read / September 24-30, 2017."]

Should anyone dictate to you what you're allowed to read?  What you're allowed to learn?  What music or movies you're allowed to enjoy?  Many people consider these to be basic human freedoms: the freedoms to think, to grow intellectually, and to explore the world through art, literature, song, and other forms of expression.  Shocking as it may seem, these basic intellectual freedoms are often under assault.  Challenges to media on library shelves and in school classrooms are frequent, and even when they don't succeed, fighting them exhausts the resources of these institutions, and often creates a chilling effect that results in pre-emptive, internal censorship in the wake of the challenge.  Please join us in fighting for everyone's right to read!

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