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Community Feedback

Did you see an error in an item's description that you have corrections for? Did you see yourself or someone you know in an unidentified photo and want it updated? Can you read the handwriting better than us? Please let us know!
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Do you have general feedback on the Columbus State Digital Archives?
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If you have copyright or other concerns about materials contained within the Digital Archives, please see our Takedown Policy and then fill out the takedown request form.
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How to Contribute Materials

The Columbus State Digital Archives is actively developing new digital collections and is happy to work with external departments and donors to create digitization and deposit plans to expand our digital archive. Please read our Digital Archive Collection Development Policy and Deposit Agreement, and then fill out the Deposit Request Form to begin the process.

The Columbus State Physical Archives has very limited physical space and is not accepting external collections at this time, but can advise on physical preservation practices. Individual items or small donations may be considered on a case by case basis. Contact Hydy Cates ( with questions.

Rights Statement

Archival access is provided for research purposes only. Items in the archive are under copyright unless otherwise stated.

Digital Preservation Policy

The purpose of the Columbus State Digital Archive is to provide access to our vibrant institutional history and build a stronger community through sharing the past, present, and future work of this institution.

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